Parreira Marketing is your

Agency Solution for

local marketing

On the information highway you want all the road signs to point to you. Parreira Marketing knows the way of highways and byways to direct traffic to your business. We design digital strategy for maximum sales impact – through lead generation, social media management, and reputation marketing.  There is no longer just one path to success online and with so much noise, you have to give your road signs maximum exposure.

Serving Local Businesses Around The World





With our Local Marketing Services, you will grow your business like a beanstalk.



Increase your reach, your customer base, and your  list.

Increase Sales and Revenue.

Build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Lead Generation

  • Multi-Channel lead generation for your business
  • Generate daily qualified leads via phone and email
  • Generate new clients with Instagram and Snapchat


  • Create massive local awareness and social presence
  • Generate a real ROI  from Facebook
  • Build a list of prospects
  • Communicate with them automatically
  • Generate appointments and sales

What Our Partners Think



“Parreira Marketing is simply amazing!  I’ve tried every lead gen company out there and these guys are by far the best.  They’re extremely fair and you can’t beat the quality of the calls…I highly recommend them!”

Terri W.

“I’ve been using them for over a year now and they continue to deliver.  Their live phone calls convert like crazy too.  Out of all the marketing I do, I get the highest ROI from them!”

Chris D.