In 2018 video marketing has emerged as the primary strategy for business to connect with their clients. It is rapidly developing and it is being used by 85% of business all over the globe who strongly believe this approach will give them an excellent ROI. You'd probably ask how effective really is video marketing?

Video Marketing

How will you be able to do video marketing?

Are you going to consider it as one of your strategy to boost your business?

Can video marketing reach your targeted audiences?

As a business owner or entrepreneur. These questions are very typical especially if you are still starting to build your business.

But based on statistics, video marketing can increase your conversions up to 80%. Businesses that use video marketing have benefited from this method and have noticed their sales revenue increased dramatically by 50% compared to business who don't use video in their marketing approach.

Does it slowly give you more confidence? We will guarantee that you will be more convinced of using video marketing after you read the full article.

4K resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels

First, we are going to talk about what is actually Video Marketing? With the breakthrough of 4k video resolution format, video marketing has provided incredible opportunities when combining this method with your marketing campaigns. In addition, the 4k revolution has leverage video marketing campaigns into new heights. People are more conducive to visual content so if high definition photos can captivate an audience and would lead into engagements, think of what a High definition cinema quality can achieve to your business.

There are tons of reasons why investing in video marketing is a such a choice. One of which is that it brings huge returns with minimal expenditures. Producing good quality videos are cost-effective since anybody can record high definition video clips from a decent smartphone or gadgets. Social media sites are also contributing factors why video marketing is less costly than other strategies since your video content can be shared organically through these platforms for free.

There are loads of video marketing funnels that will be able to capture your audience attention. It comes from a sort of forms that will come available for customization to convert your visitors to customers.

Decision making is one of the integral aspects of a consumer when selecting a valuable product and videos plays a huge role in preparing those purchasing decisions. According to research, a presence of video content makes your webpage more attractive to search engines. Buyers prefer watching a video to learn significant information about a product rather than reading.

How effective is Video Marketing? People spend more time on your page when you incorporate videos on your site. It improves your google ranking and bring tremendous advantages to your business.

People like to see a more personal approach rather than conveying your message through text.

Video marketing is going anywhere though and will be staying for a while and it's getting more popular over time. The time to embark in this promising opportunity is now. While it is true that most business will have its apprehensions but take time to study this method and how will it affect your business. Can your video reach a large number of audiences?

However, if your video production is well executed then the answer will be definitely yes.


Take Youtube for example, why it has been named as the number 2 search engine to date? Well, it has more than 4 billion views each day and reaches 30 million visitors to watch tutorial, music, replays, and highlights of a tv show or an event.

Following these data, expect this trend to grow in years to come. Don't overlook this precious opportunity to get in touch with millions of people who can be turned into future prospects.

Video content must be able to interact with your audience and not just merely uploading blurry footages. Review and analyze its content and how it projects to end users.

Create more engaging video content. A simple 2-minute interaction video is better than an hour long film that can't connect with consumers. Based on Youtube analytics, viewers tend to leave the first 10 seconds after clicking the play button. So put your best efforts out there and bring the message you want to reach your customers to life.

You must be able to address what your consumers want so that it will be easier for you to assess and point out different approaches to reach them and review the effectivity of your strategy. Don't overestimate the amount of reach you will gain, focus on developing brand awareness to acquire leads and turn them into customers.

Still not convinced? Let us discuss the statistics:

Marketing experts say that embedded videos on websites help their search engine rankings and generates web traffic to 55%, conversion rates are soaring by 80% or more if you have videos integrated on your landing pages. 50% of watched videos are from mobile devices. Imagine if businesses fail to address these opportunities in reaching millions of their potential customers.

Since videos have been proven to connect more audiences compared to other marketing strategies. We suggest that it is best to create more eye-catching to help your business obtain more engagements. If you apply this method, your followers are going to expect new video content on a regular basis. It is like telling a story and people are very eager to see and know what is going to happen next.

You just need to be consistent in making multiple videos otherwise your audiences will lose their interest.

Be creative and make sure your video is one of a kind making sure it will capture your audience attention. Credits to technology, almost everybody can create and edit a stunning video with just the use of their smartphones. Promoting a video content is so easy that it will just take a few clicks and it will be shared to any social media platforms. Which is why it is recommended to integrate social media sharing buttons on every post in your website.

Use analytics to evaluate your results. This will help you identify on what part of the video should you make adjustments and change.

Tracking your viewer's interaction will able you to understand the targeted channels that play effectively and which are not.

It is also important to apply a call to action and encourage your viewers to express their opinions on the comment sections as well as like if they agree with your standpoint.

CTA's are very essential if you aiming to spread your message to your audience. Viewers prefer a more informative video that might able to give them a solution to their problem.

Videos stimulate viewers emotions thus develops more stronger connections.
If you have an online business, video marketing is necessary since the chance to communicate with every customer personally.

Components of your video may vary from what kind of business you are in and the objective you want to attain.

Product Presentation-shows the complete up to date details of the product you are selling.

Interviews-Onset real talk to a famous individual or actual user of your product.

Calls to Action-Guide your viewers in taking the next step whether to redirect them to your website or purchasing your product for a limited offer.

Influencer Endorsement-One of the most highly effective strategy when a popular persona talked about the benefits they get when they choose to buy your product.

No matter what elements you decide on incorporating in creating your video, these are all essential as long as you are exhibiting sincerity and authenticity of your business.

In conclusion, is video marketing effective?

Well, it depends on the intention of your video but it plays an important role in reaching your business goals.

Eventually, it would take time for consumers to fully comprehend what you are trying to convey to them.

Don't be intimidated if you are still new to this kind of approach. Consistency over quantity always stands out so be prepared to adopt the new trend of marketing.

There are certain steps to consider when leading your viewers in the direction you want them in.

There are certain steps to consider when leading your viewers in the direction you want them in.

So introducing your brand would give a first take on the part of the viewer.

This would be a great time to present a good and positive impression of your product.

Next phase is retaining that customer trust and gaining their loyalty to your brand.

Testimonials from the previous user would be very beneficial as viewers want to make sure that you guarantee that you are producing a quality product.

The third and final step is turning your leads into customers, of course, you want to keep that relationship intact.

Now is the time when you send them some free content through emails. Just to keep them up to date of your new offers or products. Let them feel they are VIPs.

As suggested earlier in this article, consistency is the key in order to get the most desirable results.

There are plenty of platforms not just the famous ones like Facebook and Instagram where you can post your videos so take advantage of these opportunities.

Stated down below are other platforms or program where you can share your videos.

Vimeo-based on Wikipedia, In 2007, Vimeo became the first video sharing site to support high-definition video and has since launched a number of products that enable quality video creation at scale, most recently with the launch of Vimeo Stock in fall of 2018. Vimeo is a SaaS business and offers subscription plans that service a range of customer segments.

Although it is not as big as Youtube, Vimeo is a platform that should not be counted out. This is where both professional and non-professional video creators can showcase their projects through a network of filmmakers.

Unlike Youtube, there are no irritating banners to steal your attention before the video starts.

The video frames also look larger and has a cleaner layout.

Daily Motion-Although not as popular as the two giant platforms mentioned earlier. Daily motion is also an alternative video platform where you can share your videos to 300 million users.

It also offer monetization through free ads, yup you read it right. It's FREE.

So there you are, video marketing has been used by big companies to spread awareness of their campaign throughout their audiences and will be here for years to come, and the viewing accessibility keeps getting better.

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