What is Influencer Marketing? It is the practice of building relationships with people who can build connections for you. Use these influencers to reach your audience with trust due to the fact that these influencers have already built trust between his or her audience. Before we proceed through everything, there are two types of pages you will be dealing with.

The first one is a Content Instagram page, for example, luxurious cars on Instagram, Air Jordan shoe collection and camping products. If you don't have any photos of your own, you can find some tons of free stock photos on the internet like Pixabay, Unsplash, Stocksnap, and Pexels to name a few. The second kind of page is actual influencers. People who have gained a large following after sharing their life and what they're into and sometimes plays a role as a buyer themselves and explained the pros and cons of the actual product they are promoting. Both of these can work really well but in my opinion, I am going to decide on actual influencers because they have more of an influence over their audience. People also are much more like to trust a page with a face behind it.

So the first step is searching influencers in your niche. Most influencers can be found on Instagram. The best way to search for them within Instagram is to type a decent-sized hashtag within the niche you are looking for and see who owns the top posts. Take a look at one of your followers and check who often likes and comments on your post. Next is to find out if they have a decent followers and find out who are posting things that are similar to your brand. The other way to find influencers is instead of looking through Instagram, you can use some tools to find influencers but you need a company email address. One of those email addresses that have your domain name in it. This useful tool is called Hypr and with it, you can search for specific audiences and influencers you are looking for and you can filter the search by gender, age, group, location and loads of other options. When searching for influencers, you must write them down that you think can be potential winners. Now once you have your list, the next step is to check how trustworthy the accounts are.

The first thing you will do is take a look at their Socialblade if they have a massive increase in growth where they gain thousands of followers in a day (usually gained through paid ads). Take a look through their followers and if there are plenty of users with no profile pictures. This means they might have a fair amount of fake followers. Another great thing to do is to check their engagement rates. To do so, use a website called Phlanx which quickly calculates their percentage. Be aware of any account that has an engagement rate of less than 2%. After having looked at their engagement rate, make sure you also check their likes and look at the profile pictures again also look at the comments and if most of these comments are from similar pages of the same size within a similar niche, it's usually because they are in a DM (auto direct messaging) group or a bot. When checking the comments make sure they are genuine also the people are tagging their friends and it's not just that automated nice pic or emojis so just for a quick example if a page has around 70,000 followers, likes should be at least 2,000 to 3,000 consistently in every post. Also, stay away from influencers who have their own store. Once you have your list and you have crossed out all the ones that don't have a good engagement rate, the next thing to do is to contact them. Send them an email if they have it available on their account. In case they don't reply within the next 24 hours, send them a DM. Your first words are the most critical part when sending them a message. The reason why is if an account doesn't follow you back, your DM will go straight to the requested messages section. You want yours to stand out among the many other messages. If you don't get a reply from a certain page after 2 or 3 attempts, move on to your next prospect. Now when you do get a reply from one of the influencers. You will usually get one of these three replies. First would be “What are you promoting?”. The second is giving you their prices and the third they ask you for your budget. This is where the negotiating process comes in. Hopefully, they will give you a straight up answer either 1 or 2 and get them to give you their price first. Let us say they will be giving you their price of $50, then you should negotiate them by saying you usually pay $30 to $40 dollars, for a page similar to the number of followers they have for a post story and your link in their bio. This would give them an idea that you already have experience and hired influencers with the same niche they have and would probably agree with your offer as people often want the fast money. However, from time to time, you will get someone who won't lower their prices and you'll just have to go concur with the price they offered. But when you are advertising your shop, blog or anything with a link, it's important to get all three. But you only need a shout out to get some followers on your page you only really need a post and a story. Remember you are paying them to make sure that they will deliver on everything that you have agreed. That is for how long your post will be up, are you getting the post story and link? and another important thing is that be clear on the amount of time that they're not allowed to post after your ad. Let's say a minimum of 4 hours but you preferably want more because when a new post is up, it starts stealing the engagement due to the fact that Instagram favors the latest post. So that is how you approach Instagram influencers.

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The next thing we are going to talk about is the ad post, no matter what you are trying to achieve with your ad whether it's getting them to your online store or a specific product, an email opt-in or just a regular shout out to get more followers on your Instagram. The only point of the ad is to entice someone enough for them to click on the link or your Instagram handle. The ad is only to move them from one place to another. It is only half of the work. Once they've been converted by the ad and they have clicked on it. It's up to your website or Instagram feed to convert them to make that sale or to click on that follow button. You could have the best ad in the world but on the other end needs to be living up to the expectations of the audience flowing in from the app. To improve your ad, first of all, you want to ask yourself why do people buy. Urgency is one example, that could be a sale for a limited amount of time. Second is scarcity that could be a small amount of product left at a certain price.

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Next is a great deal, it could be free and the people who will purchase it will have to pay only for shipping. If you are using this method, always mention that people have to cover shipping in the ad to avoid people coming back and complain on the post. Another reason why people buy is that they can relate to the product and this is why you always want to use an influencer or a page within your niche. This gets you the best results. Lastly, a few pointers to what your ad should look like.

Most marketers now use video since it converts a lot better than photos. Sometimes you can get really good viral video content. A video is more common to go viral and this is great for your ad. Another thing people don't do is they don't customize their ad to the story. Your post ad and your story ad should be different. When it comes to the caption, be transparent and don't deceive them or use some clickbait about your pricing or shipping just to get some attention. State the exact price in the ad as well especially if you are doing Instagram pay-per-click ads. Always use emojis because they stand from the black and white text also it tells a story that you can't say it with words. Create an ad that would get people attention just like what you see in other ads. Put yourself on your audience shoes and think of what you want to see to entice you to buy a product.

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Next is how to get shoutouts, so to potentially get free ads and this mainly works if you have a little leverage so when you are selling your own products or you have your own store, this is what you want to say. ” Hey I own a company called—- and we want to make some partnership proposal with you for the next launch of our product. We would like to offer you a percentage of the profit of sales coming in from your page. If this goes well, we would like to turn it into a weekly thing normally we only work with pages over a hundred followers however we would like to work with you because your page has a lot of potentials.” You don't have to say exactly this but you get the idea. The reason this works is proven psychology using the word “because” followed by a compliment significantly increases the results of compliance. Of course, you will not be able to convince all the people who you have sent this message but guaranteed you'll get at least one out of ten who will agree to this and the best thing about this is if you don't make any sales you don't have to give them money hence it's a free shoutout.