What you guys may not know is that even today. There are numerous people that have built a successful personal brand, have already started public speaking. But little did they know that you can actually build a business and promote it without cashing out a dime on advertising. Real talk, there are plenty of ways of how you can market yourself with zero dollars. Now in this article, we are going to discuss how you can do it with no budget or close to none.

Youtube/Neil Patel

So assuming that you don't have enough money to market your small business or personal brand but at least you a laptop or a smartphone. There are a ton of stuff that you can do. Obviously, you can leverage your business through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.) You can even make a Youtube video using just your phone. It's not that difficult. You can also start a podcast right now and just your smartphone as recorder. If you going to decide on video marketing, you just flip your camera sideways and go ahead marketing yourself in Youtube and just do a little editing as possible in the free Youtube editor or free editing apps on your iPhone like the iMovie if you have them, or the Movie Creator in Android smartphones. In case you want to be more creative and would want to head out on professional editing, you can use Adobe Premiere on your pc.


Supposed you would want to do an awesome Instagram marketing, you can use some free tools like Wordswag, or Adobe post. Build a following. There are already plenty of people doing that most especially influencers. You can put some motivational content on Instagram or you could use Snapchat on your travel blog or products, or you can either create an Instagram video as long as it is under 15 seconds. That is a lot of opportunities out there all you have to do is choose the best app to use or either use all of them for maximum exposure.

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Using a live streaming app like Periscope that is integrated into Twitter can translate into paying clients. It is a free platform used by a lot of internet marketers to gain engagements from their audiences. Most of them are earning as much as $1000 to $4000 in conversions through Periscope. Just like on Facebook, your followers will be notified once you go live. This is a great tool to gain traction of followers especially if you just starting out. Both broadcasters and users can share the video content so this is a great way for your business to gain a lot of exposure.

There are a lot of people doing webinars using free platforms. If technology is not your specialty, you still have plenty to use or do to market yourself for free and make money. You can actually start doing free events at your local community and hosting them, just giving out good information and that could gain qualified leads and publicity for your business. You can start shaking hands with some attendees that are coming from different business, handing out your phone number and getting peoples contact information and making quality contacts that could hire you to do something for their business. You could call 5-10 people that you talked to last on the phone, you can ask them for referrals for your business and see if there are anybody they know, a relative, friends, associates that can use your services. So there are plenty of ways to market your business, get yourself out there and grow your business even if you have little or no money to invest. Hope these tips helped you and your understanding that there are hundreds of ways to market yourself and your business both in the real world and online for free.

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