Understanding Facebook reach is important because if you are posting a lot in Facebook but you don't have a very solid reach, nobody is noticing your content so if you invest a lot of time and effort to make a post, you want your target audience to see it. So let's discuss how you can properly execute that.

Amplify your user engagement with your posts. Facebook algorithm looks at when they identify where to show your post in different people's feeds is engagement. So it is important to have reactions, likes, comments and shares to your post. These factors are components of engagements that are gonna help your post get exposed to more people. So in order to increase engagement, if you are a business owner, you can ask your employees to engage, follow your content, like content, comment and ask your customers to, even your friends and family as well. You can also consider some Facebook paid ads or boosting your posts. Paid boosting powering your post is going to get that post out in front of more people as well. Hopefully will generate some more of those reactions and engagements that you need to have Facebook really look at your post as something they feel like they should show to other people in their feeds.

In relation to getting your post seen by more people with regards to Facebook reach, it kind of compliments the engagement portion, one thing Facebook looks at is if the user engaged with your post in the past. Basically, what Facebook is doing is they are implying that if you engaged with this type of content in the past so you might like this kind of content in the future so we are going to show you this post. By increasing your engagement and getting that on a consistent basis with your followers. Every time you post new content in the future, Facebook's going to go connect the data and show that post to those previous audiences and thus increasing your reach. The point here is to be consistent with your content, to stay on topic so that your posts have some consistency so if your followers like the type of content that you are posting, just keep doing it because Facebook will continually show that post to those people.

Increase the consistency and frequency of your posts because the more recent your post is, the more Facebook is going to be likely to show it to people. Basically, Facebook's algorithm will work on the older your post gets, the less relevant it will become. If you are not posting on a regular basis, this means that, if you're just posting once a week, your post will get buried in the feed. So at least post once a day if not more and should be able to schedule it for example, when people wake up, eat lunch and hours before they go to bed, ideally those are the best times that your post will be at the top of people's feeds and therefore they are going to be able to see your post and increase your reach.

If Facebook sees that people are hiding your posts, marking it as spam, report it to Facebook. Definitely, they are going to show less of your posts in the future and topple down your reach. Make sure that you stay and don't go outside the scope of your topic because that is why people follow you in the first place. People hate it when you always pitch your product and will look like spammy. Add value to your content because if you do that, you will gain more positive engagements will stay away from those negative reactions and therefore not penalize you when it comes to Facebook reach.

Lastly, engage with your followers through Facebook Live. It gets a lot of attention as it notifies all your followers when you are live. It shows it to more people and broadcast it to almost everybody. So if you have a Facebook Live video opportunities or content ideas to show to your audience definitely take advantage of them. Always add value to your content and not just by doing a live video to get noticed. Remember, quality over quantity. If you are adding value, you are going to get the engagement, the likes, the followers that you need and your reach will continually grow over time.