LinkedIn has really evolved as a superior advertising platform, most especially in the last 2 years, but in the last couple of months, it has got better than ever. So if you are a business owner, would you consider using LinkedIn advertising for your business? When working with LinkedIn Ads it is really helpful to understand both the pros and the cons of the platform just to make sure you make the right decisions. When people are on LinkedIn, they are either thinking about their job or their career which puts them in exactly the right mindset if you have an offer that compliments on of those two things. What that generally means is you give someone something that solves a problem for them at work or satisfies a working curiosity and you are going to end up with much higher conversion rates than you might other which makes that an amazing thing.


LinkedIn has a whole bunch of different ways to advertise. You can do text-based ads that basically show up on the right-hand side, you can do sponsored posts or you can use LinkedIn in-mails where you kind of sponsor something in the feed and you can do that for a wide range of different stuff, so it could be text it could be an image or a video.

In a paid in-mails, it is where you set a specific demographic, So let's say a CEO who lives in San Diego, who is in a certain industry and has a certain amount of employees and send bulk emails to people within that field and you can do email re-marketing as well, so if somebody comes to your website, you can re-market to them inside of LinkedIn and then eventually you can now use Bing to target people inside of LinkedIn, so some of those things are pretty new and exciting especially Bing and some of the video type abilities are new.

LinkedIn has a lot of new features and it's definitely something that people should be looking at but more on the B2B side. So when you are thinking about LinkedIn, you want to think about, are you a B2B company? Do you have channel sales partners? or are you the type of company where there are only a few hundred or thousand people that you can even do business with because if you are in that type of company, you can really laser target them inside of LinkedIn and hit them consistently with many different types of messages.

So let us say that you are trying to get inside in front of insurance agents, for example, you can basically set the exact demographics, send them sponsored in-mails, you can also run video ads that would be specific to them and get their attention and then you can also run text-based ads and if they come to your website and they hit a landing page from a LinkedIn ad, you can run a re-marketing campaign back to those people, so now you have hit them through a variety of different mediums and who knows perhaps when they come to that page you have an email capture as well so you can hit them through email marketing and then you can cookie them when they visit your site so you can serve ads to them throughout the rest of the web too so within Facebook or Google through remarketing as well. So, if you actually capture their email address through that as well, what you can do is you could use that to also send them print mail, what is really cool with it is that Mailchimp has the ability if you have somebody's email you can basically that data and you can use that to target people through prints. It actually sends them direct mail to their physical location.

LinkedIn, I think is an amazing platform and it just gets better and better and we've seen some great results out of it in fact it is better than Facebook as far as the traffic that they are giving out.