There are several reasons on why digital marketing is significant these days and one is that it is less costly than conventional marketing, second is it levels the competitive industry for small businesses and third is where everybody's attention in this modern era.

One of the most important things that potential customers will look into when they notice your listing on search engines, is your average star ratings linked to your reviews. The most effective ways to improve the star rating is by gaining new positive reviews coming in. Don't be afraid to ask your customers for their names and emails upon completing the services rendered. This provides you the opportunities to offer promotions and specials but also encourage them to leave reviews on social media.

Next is to have a highly attractive professional website that is converting your visitors. You really need to make sure your website is doing its functions because this is where everything else is going to lead your customers back to you. It is essentially your home base for all of your digital marketing efforts. Everything needs to lead back so you have to make sure that when people are on there are taking action either buying a product or signing up for a newsletter or emailing you for inquiries. Your website must be able to lead customers into action and eventually converts.

Be present and make sure to rank high on Google. How do you do that? by seeing to it that when your website is being built, all of the pages are being optimized for search engines whether you're designing your own website or having someone to do it. You have to add the keywords and do all the traditional SEO tasks that will promote your website's content. Unfortunately, that is not enough anymore these days. This used to be the backbone of digital marketing but this is not the case any longer. Google ranks websites not only based on SEO but also how active you are on social media and how often you are posting content to your website.

Build your presence and following on social media although Google is still the king of online searches, a whole lot of people are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other different social media platforms to search for local businesses. Once they find these businesses on these platforms, they are using the number of followers engagement that you have as a form of social proof. They are essentially making a decision on you based on how many followers you have and likes and comments you get as a way of basically legitimizing you as a business. So you have to make sure that you are building a social media following not just to rank higher in Google but also for when people do find you, they see that you are genuine and reputable.

Create content on social media. It is not enough to just have a lot of followers and be present in almost every social media platforms. You have to continually put out your own unique content and engage with your followers. You have to create videos or vlogs, articles or blog posts. Whatever you may want to posts, you just have to put it out continuously because as we have mentioned, Google will rank websites higher based on how active they are on social media along with everything else but the most important reason is to drive traffic back to your website. The purpose of posting articles and videos is to increase engagements, the more chances of people clicking your link on your biography so that they can see your portfolio and what services are you offering to your clients. Given that you invest so seriously on your website, to begin with, it will hopefully convert them into a customer or sale. Sometimes your organic social media you produced are not enough and so we have to support that with digital advertising.

Usage of social media and digital advertising platforms. Whether that be you're taking a piece of content that you created on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube and increasing it across that channel or if you are using pay-per-click platforms such as Google Adwords, you should be using some form of advertisement to boost the traffic on your website to more people back. You can install a tracking code on your website so that you will be able to track and retarget your ads on social media. This derives from the people who clicked your ads and eventually visited your website. It means that you can target a specific ad let say on Facebook to the people who have visited your website previously. Sometimes it takes several interactions before someone converts into a customer or a lead so by having this code installed on your website. It allows you to create that back and forth interactions and through the ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform.

So make sure you follow these tips so that you can really succeed with your digital marketing and grow your business.