If content creators are purpose-driven and they have strong reasoning of why? it resonates with their audience. A good reason comes before results.

But the truth is, the game changer of content creators is that they are not only going to be successful, but they are also going to last its purpose. The one that drives everything to an achiever is purpose. It is a clarity of who you are and depending on what your end goal is. Purpose means being values-driven, not money-driven. It means being intentional about everything. It is about happiness and fulfillment more than it is about money so it would strongly consider that the full-time creator path is built on purpose. It is so important because how you build the foundation determines the strength and the support of the structure with what you build on it. The foundations that you built has its own benefits and drawbacks. A lot of people have been in this industry, but they have been experiencing some negative things but this can be avoidable. If you have a purpose, it means that you have a mission, you are creating a movement and not just focusing on profits.

Here is the cool thing, you got to hit that profit margin so you could go full time and once you do, it goes back around and motivates and fuels your purpose. What makes content creators fail is maybe they are just following the latest trend and the cause of such dissatisfaction. An ancient verse once said “what good is it to gain the world but lose your soul?” and what we are talking about is about values and soul-driven but when content creators are purpose-driven and they a strong motivation that it resonates with their audience.

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to build any business out there. The ways to attract people to you online. It's one of the best ways to build a relationship with people and add value to their needs. If you look at the internet, you type in anything whether be in Google or Facebook, Instagram or whatever. Whatever it might be, all you can see is made up of content. The internet is all made of content. If you have a business or just starting out, in this day and age, you have to be a content creator. Utilize content to attract people to add value and build relationships because that is the best way to do business. You have to understand that customers do business with people that they like and trust. Content is powerful and the truth is, you are already most likely a content creator whether you acknowledge it or not. Whether you are already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope or Wechat you are considered as a content creator if you are already posting or publishing a video or a photo. You got to understand that you are already creating content. The only question is, are you using it strategically to attract people to you? the truth is people that are already on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posting whatever is happening with their lives, whether they know it or not, the friends that you have already had and the people that already following who are watching what you post and consuming your content is already building a relationship with them because you are showing them what you are doing and they are getting to know you a lot more.

1 ) There are different forms of content, so the first one that we would like to take on is video content. As most of all you know, it is the most popular form of content online right now. If you happen to notice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Periscope. Most of the content you will see is video. Live streaming now is becoming popular too. While there are different forms of content, there are also different forms of platforms from these types of content supports.

2 ) Next is a Podcast or also known as audio. So some people like to consume by listening to an audio whether they are at the gym, driving in the car or whatever it might be. Podcasts are most commonly found on iTunes but there are other platforms out there as well. Obviously both forms of content are very useful so it really is a matter of preference.

3 ) The third form of content is written content that can be mostly in found like in Facebook that is written post or a tweet. It could also be on a blog that can be found in some of these platforms like Quora or Medium. You can submit your articles or written content in directories, websites or you can have your own blog which is obviously more ideal to have your own website.

4 ) Images – This is one of the most commonly used by digital and internet marketers these days because aside from videos, people love visual content on mostly can be found it Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

So these are the main forms of content that you must understand and utilize to help you send your message to your audience. From that, there are also different types of content and these will be structured in the form of content. For example, it could be like a how-to type of content like explaining to your audience a particular topic. If in video, you can execute this through screen capture on your pc or smartphone walking you through a tutorial or a process or you can record yourself explaining or teaching something. Also vlogs for example, which is very popular right now, people are recording themselves just a day in the life and people love to watch a reality tv show type of video content. It could also be sharing a result or a case study of experience or telling a story. That could be a type of content that you could be sharing online. Same thing with podcast and articles. You could do a special interview with someone who is an expert in your niche. There is also a comedy, humor or pranks type of content that are not necessarily education-based where you can get a lot of engagements because people love to be entertained. Now, these types of content must be based on the niche in the market that you are in. If you are in the humor niche then you must be able to provide your followers or the people with comedy videos that can make people laugh. There are different types for articles too like a list, for example, you could have ten steps to whatever niche you have, you can put it in bullet points that quite simply describe what that is. Basically just a really in-depth article that goes into step-by-step of how to do something so like a how-to-type of thing tutorial. There are so many people now create articles where they bring in other influencers or gurus for some tips and advises and they're actually creating content based on tips or advice from other people. For images, it could be inspirational quotes or if you are in the photography niche, you could show your captured photos like scenery or travel photos or if you are into food, you could show different kind of images of food with your recipes.

You might be wondering or asking how do you create content? what is the step by step process and how do you come up with ideas of content to create. Because this is what really people are asking especially for beginners. This could never be an issue because there is an unlimited number of ideas or pieces of content you can create in an online business.

So here are some tips on how to come up with content. First, you must be able to find what people are searching for online. Google and Youtube are incredible resources that can tell you a lot of information on what people are looking for online. Both are search engines and when people are searching for these platforms, they type in some keywords or phrases to come up with certain results that may give them solutions. It this way, it can give you an idea of what people are looking for so you can research with these type of suggestions that people are getting from those keywords and research this kind of topic so you can come up with content. For example, if the keyword is how to lose fat, search engines can tell you exactly how popular those phrases and give you other variations and suggestions of keywords like that that you can then target to create content around. That is a very valuable way to determine and get ideas of what people are looking for online. You must utilize search engine optimization and Youtube optimization when you create your content so that it will show up on the first pages of people searches and drives traffic to your website. You got to be able to optimize your content so you can get it out there and attract people to you online especially when you're starting out with a blog or a Youtube channel. You want to make sure you optimize your content for keywords because that is the only way that people are going to find you. Once you've got an audience, you don't have to be diligent about optimizing all your content for keywords because you already have a list of people as your audience that is going to consume your content as soon as you released it.