Based on a quote from a very famous digital marketer/entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who owns Vaynermedia (a social media focused-digital agency). “If you are not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don't exist”.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Before creating you first content marketing strategy in your business, you must be able to prepare a strategic approach to your audience. Content marketing must be properly addressed and analyzed through your audience persona, goals, business structure and etc.

1.) Content provides important information to your audience. Your content structure must be able to solve your audience problems, providing them the vital information and facts of what they are looking for.

For instance, if you are into a travel blogging niche. You must provide significant information about countries like cultures, currencies, certain travel laws to abide, tourist spots, itinerary suggestions, hotels and villas and etc.

2.) Content will make you become a pantomath. If you have a well versed interesting content, your followers will think of you as an experienced expert. Your webpage will gain its reputation of having good quality content in the industry and will be considered as an authority site. Audiences will be fascinated with your message and will share your content with their networks.

3. Content builds relationships. A way to improve a company's reputation is by building a relationship with their customers. Content that can solve peoples problems will gain its popularity. It is not always about selling something but giving beneficial information without a cost. In every business, it is always very important to have strong customer service. Providing support to your audiences will create customer loyalty. This will make your business stand out amongst your fierce competitors.

That is why brands have collaborations with influencers because customers want a real human interaction. It will help draw a lot of attention to your target audience.

4.) Content establish customer brand loyalty. Let us first address what makes a customer stick to a business or organization. If you have a content that relates to your audiences, it will make someone feel your brand, building an emotional connection to them. The satisfaction you gave to customers.

And it will give you a positive rapport with your customers. There are many methods on how to build customer retention. Send them emails or messages to check on how they feel about your product after the have purchased it.

Ask them some feedbacks so that you can identify some of your weak points and enhance your service and derive solutions to improve it.

5.) Content boosts engagement. Every time you share a post and someone reacted to it, it is called engagement. Neil Patel-a popular internet marketing strategist defines content engagement as “real people responding in measurable ways to your content.”

This helps you analyze what content you wanted to create to gain more supporters and customers. It can give you an idea of how you target your audiences. Reply and answer all their queries or even thank them. A simple gesture will lead to engagements. Create a community that allows your audiences to give their opinions whether to be a positive or negative, this way you can identify what they want.

6. Content increases Google Rankings. Most of the SEO specialists rely on content that are consists of keywords used by people to search on information they want to obtain. Search engines find websites through keywords and if you have loaded keywords in your content. Your website will be up on the ranks.

Changing the layout of your content makes it more appealing to audiences and will be more likely to be visited more frequently by new users as well. Always take note of the overall appearance of your page. Revise any mistakes or possible errors in your content.

7.) Content opens more opportunities for business growth. When it is properly targeted on a specific place, time and audience. Content marketing will increase more exposure to your brand. More audience will lead to more customers and turn up your revenue.

Every business needs good and strong content. It requires time, dedication and efforts because it will be a good investment for years to come.

Hope that this will guide you to come up with a good content marketing plan and will bring you success in your business.