Growing Instagram followers is not just a walk in the park compared to the previous years most especially in 2019.

With more than 1 billion monthly users, an ultra-smart formula, and a lot of clever, creative brands on Instagram, it’s an aggressive place if you wish to increase your account and improve your following.

You really want to grind it out to showcase your brand and would stand out among the rest if you want to get more followers on Instagram.

So we here are 7 ways on how to get more followers on Instagram and reach your target audiences in 2019.

First, you need to study how Instagram works and focus on creating an awesome and impressive Instagram profile.

The best way to attract followers and lure them to hit that “follow” button is that you must be able to make sure that your Instagram profile looks on point mainly because it is as important as your home page.

Instagram users tend to think and make a decision for a minute whether they will follow your business when they visit your Instagram profile. Their decision varies by reading your bio, clicking on your stories and scrolling your content on your feed.

Posting photos with attractive and creative filters are no longer reliable in attracting visitors into followers.

You must have an amazing Instagram profile photo that represents your business perhaps a logo that symbolizes your products and services, a definitive Instagram bio that explains what you are offering to people and active stories.

On the good side, it is now relatively easy to create a professional looking feed with a well managed Instagram look. Attractive and well edited Instagram images are the new trend now on Instagram. Believe it or not, businesses from all forms, may it be startups or established brands now have well-organized feeds to draw new followers.

It doesn't matter if your feed does not remain to be picture perfect in order to be successful, it just needs to have a consistent well-curated content and synchronized targeting to your audiences.

The most significant part of the upcoming year is that you make certain that every component of your feed must connect to every post with the accurate visuals you've picked out for your brand.

You need to make sure that every post you make on Instagram Stories, or publishing an IGTV video, everything must connect or relate to your brand and Instagram aesthetics.

You can be able to schedule your post by using a free online tool named Hootsuite. It is a user-friendly tool. Just upload your edited photos or videos and adjust the time and date when you want to post it.

Below are the some tips for creating/editing your Instagram worthy photos.


Tip # 1-Snapseed is an easy to use editing application that is now commonly utilized by photographers and designers in enhancing their photos. It can be downloaded in both the App Store and Play store.

You can find some easy tips and tutorial on how to use Snapseed in this blog post.

1-Just use 2 minimum filters on every photo for your Instagram feed so it would still look cohesive. In just a few clicks away your photos are now ready to be uploaded.

2-Add more Instagram Stories using templates

If you are posting Instagram Stories on a regular basis where it is highly recommended. You should start studying on how to edit your photos using Instagram templates. In this way, your posts will match and compliments your Instagram stories.

You may find several apps or software that will help you create templates like Canva or Photoshop.

Customized your Instagram Stories Highlights so it will catch the attention of your audience by presenting them your content. It gives them the idea of what your business is all about.

We use a series of curated Instagram Stories highlights that would be able us to get a lot of exposure even if visitors won't follow us, they would still find us and the services we are offering to our clients.

Our most significant attribute is to schedule posts that emphasizes our Instagram Stories Highlights. It includes strategic planning and analytics for us to derive a well-organized blog post to target your audience and generate leads.

Creating an Instagram Story must be simplified and straightforward for people to easily comprehend what your business is trying to point out.

For the last part, we added in a call to action method for people to register for free.

If you are still undecided what to post on your highlights, then think of it as a sales funnel page on your website. In case your business is an online store, you could create distinct highlights for apparels, bags, shoes, dresses and categorize them by collection. Then you can add up some FAQs for shipping.

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Instagram Stories photo credit: socialbakers

Tip # 2: Instagram Stories have added features like GIFs, polls, surveys, stickers, music and more making it easier for you to acquire followers.

Tags in your location and Hashtags will be more convenient for users to search for you. With these new apps and tools, company brands are becoming more innovative with their approach as they strive to get through to their targeted audiences.

While still testing the waters for these new features, it's still highly recommended to remember the fundamentals in perfecting your Instagram Stories.

The new Instagram Explore page that you can find in Instagram stories can still let visitors search you using keywords and hashtags and watch your stories.

They would probably click the “follow” button if they love what they see on your profile. In case you are not aware of, Instagram stories have attached hashtags and geo-locations. To let users view the latest stories that were published with location or hashtag sticker regardless of whether that user is not a follower.

To gather more followers, it's about time to use these new features. You are able to potentially hack Instagram by adding hashtags and then hiding them by lowering the transparency, manipulate the filters so that the color would be similar to the background.

You can also get more follower on Instagram using the live event features. People have a tendency to put more attention on what's currently happening so it would be advisable to organize a live conference, travel vlog, and real-time events. In this way, there is a huge opportunity to get discovered by others.

Once someone will add a story, usually you will be notified by Instagram. You will be able to see who's seen you story when you click the photo or video that you have published in your story which is by the way also visible on a hashtag or location page.

Now that you have to reach new audiences, take advantage of this opportunity right away.

Instagram selfies

Tip # 3: Instagram is a Social Media platform so sharing a selfie is still recommended to be able to get more Instagram Followers.

People choose to follow accounts that they can connect to, either its an influencer or a business brand, or a person they might find familiar in the past.

So it is highly recommended to build your Instagram account as personal as possible to showcase what your business brand is offering so that you will be able to reach more Instagram followers.

40% of Instagram users preferred to like photos with faces. When introducing your brand to your audiences, one of the easiest way to reach them is through video. You can start a blog like a live discussion of your services or share some testimonials from your previous clients. By doing this method, it can separate your brand from your competition.

Louis Vuitton is one of the top companies that exhibits their techniques and business through the use of Instagram Stories and videos. Collaborations from top endorsers and celebrities, influencers, companies and from the brand's CEO/President that appears on the videos and stories are definitely an edge to define your brand. 2019 is the year where people like to know the individuals who work behind the scenes aside from the products and services that they are providing.

Moreover, your employees are the best representative that can speak about your company. Suggest to your team to share the events or campaigns that your business is launching and what are the best that you have to offer that makes you ahead of your competition. Content shares from your team for your brand makes people think that you have a satisfied workforce behind you and it adds more vigorous character observations for your followers. The next thing you know, you have already reached audiences that have connections with your employees who have already distributed your content to their associates or friends who have the same interest in your brand. Subsequently, when you publish an Instagram story, consider the more real-time and sharing some posts from your followers talking about your brand.

Instagram Sponsored Ads photo credit: Forbes

Tip # 4: Run some Instagrams Sponsored Ads to drive awareness of your brand especially when you are in a competitive marketplace.

It can be challenging to start-up companies at first but can be overwhelming when you get some impressive results in the end.

There are various ads to run for your account depending on the marketing styles you have implemented. Instagrams Stories can be promoted where it can reach audiences who have the same interest as your brand. You can boost images and videos too. Targeting the right audiences is crucial since you want your content to get through to the people that have that particular interest in your business. Setting up Instagram ads couldn't be much easier since they all have the necessary options to choose from, making sure you could set it up the way you want to be in targeting your audiences.

Instagram has already some suggestions in the particular audience you have chosen or you can easily set up your own preferences in the app by choosing and genders, interests, age range, and gender.

For instance, if you are selling shoes and want to upload a photo about your merchandise, you should promote your content to people that have interest in shoes living in an are where there are lots of teens or individuals that have most shoe buyers based on analytics mostly males between 12-45 years old.

Be sure to do some research first to identify your audience whether they prefer to see images or videos in there feed.

Lastly, you should make sure to place a call-to-action in your Instagram Sponsored Ads.

Always make sure that you drive your audience to you home page so that they can learn about the business you are offering regardless if they happen to visit your feed, checking out the best features on your products.

Tip # 5. Promote your Instagram profile and suggest audiences to follow you in Instagram in case they want to check your latest posts or offerings on other platforms.

Guide your audiences on other marketing channels, like Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bigo Live, Snapchat and Twitter that can drive them to your Instagram profile.

A combination of promoting your Instagram content to other platforms is the best and easiest way to push your followers or exposing your brand to new audiences in different channels.

For example, some of our followers stumbled from the previous post that was redirected through a hyperlink or promoting our Instagram username in videos that were published on other platforms.

Always encourage people to comment or ask some inquiries about your product (have you noticed most youtuber do?) and include your webpage link on your Instagram bio. you can also ask your audience to directly message you if ever they have some questions anything related to your product or services. There are so much you can do to plug you Instagrams handles in any way that you can.

Below are some helpful tips on how to get more exposure to your Instagram content to various platforms:

Incorporate your Instagram website design to your Instagram profile. This can really establish your identity and what business you want to promote. If your website is powered by WordPress, you can find loads of several plugins that can help you customize your Instagram feed to your site. Very attractive website design is very essential to entice people to visit your site and eventually follow your venture. If you have a Youtube channel, you can suggest people to “learn more about” your products and services If you are into selling online like a sneaker seller, you can share a review or details of a new shoe release and inform your viewers to check out other upcoming news of the shoes you just previewed on your stories in a later date.

Include your Instagram profile on your email marketing campaigns. It would be more advisable to post some screenshots of your Instagram profile and embed it on your email content with links to your Instagram page below. Email marketing is still considered a strong form of digital marketing.

Tip # 6 : Join partnerships with other Brands Collaboration with other brands compliments their followers to yours. One example is Music icon Pharell Williams who recently collaborated with Adidas and launch his signature sneakers.

This influencer can add more followers to your brand as they themselves have an army of followers who adhere to whatever they promote.

It doesn't have to be costly when you partner with an influencer. It takes two to tango as they say. Make sure that an influencer can also benefit from endorsing your brand and vice versa.

Nike EP PG 3 “NASA”

Collaborations don't need to be on the same market like Nike for example. They had just released the Nike Paul George 3 Nasa. The partnership complements and appeals to Space enthusiasts and Basketball fanatics, not to mention the sneaker collector from around the globe.

It builds a massive opportunity for both brands to increase their market size.

Tip # 7: Partner with a popular Influencer and create long term projects. You can just tell how much can you benefit from an influencer just by basing on the number of their subscribers and followers.

These followers watch their videos every single day and view their profiles to see what's new with their idols.

These Influencers could act as your brand ambassador. Imagine their followers will notice your brand every time an influencer endorses or wear them on their video.

Find an influencer who has a good reputation and trustworthy because you want to build brand loyalty for the long run.

Impart your brand objectives to your influencer so that they can promote your brand in their own creative way and blend with their personality.

Influencers voice is what drives their followers so don't change it, let them craft a marketing campaign for your brand in their own unique way.

Always remember that once your brand gets featured on an Influencers feed, you leverage your social media reach.

Increasing your Instagram followers can be more of a test but once you follow the right methods and tips, you will be on the right track. Are you excited to grow you Instagram this year?

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