Now that you have opted to check out the app marketplace. Here comes the basic fact of how to get the job done – optimizing your marketing strategy to sell your app on social media. Most of the consumers today download apps because of excellent reviews and it's popularity. How will you be able to market your app against the big players in the congested industry?

What is your edge compared to other apps similar to yours? Excellent marketing and promotion is the key.

Social Media can be often used as a communication tool that enables people to share their thoughts and information about their preference. Presently, it is now being widely used by businesses and marketers to distribute content information to promote their merchandise This 2019, We will provide you tips on how to successfully market your app on social media.

1 – Create interesting valuable content.

Here's a significant point to consider: Social media platforms allow individuals to create their own free personal account. It has been widely used now as a means of communications, sharing contents and ideas by businesses and individuals. Originally, it was structured as a method by which friends and families interact with each other but was later followed by businesses which sought to communicate and connect with their customers.

Social Media platforms have also integrated search engines for users to have easy access instead of using conventional ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo in fact according to Neil Patel, founder of Quicksprout and an SEO expert strongly believes that Social Media is the new SEO. In supporting his argument, social networks can work themselves as SEO because visitors find companies on these respective social media pages are browsing through different interactions either from a group page or comments from a hashtag on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes Facebook will surpass Google as the number 1 search engine in the future.

That is exactly why you need to push on creating powerful content that will be able to amuse and charm your audience to interact with other people. The purpose is to develop interest on your viewers and eventually redirect them to your app.

It is important that you show them and your app have the solutions to their issues, and you can do that in creating a brilliant article.

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If you have Basketball app, you must be able to present them accurate stats of players and teams or any articles pertaining on the latest news within the league (injuries, trades, acquisitions, contracts, etc.). The point here is to show them that your app can help them on their searches and provide the answers to their questions.

Don't just focus only to blog contents. Make entertaining video presentation that will catch people's attention and get excited about your app. Like what about adding a very funny explainer video for your app? Explainer videos have shown to be highly effective tools that can be included in your marketing campaigns. Many websites have been using various types of videos that are mostly found on their home page. The primary objective is to demonstrate a product in an animated concept to connect between a brand and its customers.

Also make sure to create plenty of graphics using tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Lightroom and make your images captivating and interesting.

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2 – Paid advertising.

Paid Ads are the perfect way of generating traffic to reach more people better. In fact, paid ads have generated 49% of mobile app downloads. As organic reach keeps on declining, it keeps getting harder to gain traffic without paid distribution. But some companies what to optimize their organic marketing on Facebook to cut cost on their marketing expenses. They simply rely on creativity and carefully using analytics to meet the needs of their target customers. Keeping your fans engaged can also be a dependable method. Considering your communities suggestions would let them feel that you genuinely care. You have to keep tracking on your analytics and evaluate if your posts are effective.

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3 – Consider acquiring an Influencer.

If no one has been downloading your app, it means that people don't recognize it yet. Influencer marketing can drive organic sales by using an advocate to bring the message to their followers of introducing your brand. Based on Google searches, there has been a large margin of increase for influencer marketing from 2016 to 2018. Surveys show that average influencer marketing campaigns can lead to 8 x ROI.

Influencers mostly use Instagram because of its growing users. Surveys show that 4.2 billion posts are liked by Instagram users daily. Instagram has an enormous number of users that provides a significant amount of content every day. Instagram Influencers are so effective because brands can be able to reach their target audiences more realistically natural than conventional advertising. Their followers see them as reliable people they can trust. They can generate a lot of media hype when they share a brand's label or app.

You must filter and figure out appropriate influencers in a niche before getting into them. Discuss with them what an amazing app you have and how beneficial it is to the influencer and their followers and work together to determine a way to market it. You could make a video review or conduct an interview with the influencer discussing your app.

Influencers know their viewers best so let them think of their own recommendations. The bottom line is building a long term relationship with them.

4 – Use Quora.

Quora is a best Q&A platform and it's an awesome place in setting yourself as a skilled in your niche while slowly moving your app.

If you want to grow as a reputable brand in the industry, one method stands out in optimizing your exposure out is to answer peoples questions. You look for question-related to your niche, and which you can respond using your real (or, at least, the name associated with your app). Don't forget to incorporate links on your profile. Your response must be in detailed providing solutions to the problem in the best of your capability so that I will rank up as the best answer.

In promoting your app, make sure of attaching a supporting link in your response. Try not to give generic answers so it would look like spamming.

Consumers won't mind that you've name-dropped your own item for as long as you offer more and more of value in advance.

In addition, if you keep giving out more value to the community forum, your response will get upvoted which simply means they'll become noticeable.


5 – User Generated Content.

Using influencers to advertise your article is one thing, but how about switching your viewers into promoters, too?

“The thing that actually breaks through all of the noise is when you see real users sharing real content on social media” – Dom Garrett
The awesome thing about user-generated content is that your audience is exhibiting the value of your app for you. With 90% of viewers listening to friends recommendations. It encourages more interactions and will boost social traffic. And that's much ways higher than the number of people who listen to ads.

Before leaping into this method, we need to identify specific goals in order for this campaign to be successful.
Why would anyone want a user-generated article? is it to enhance conversion rates, develop trust or increase awareness of your app? Understanding your desired goals makes it much easier to connect with your audience about what you want them to do. Coz, if you don't, they'll be puzzled and the content will be will not increase engagements. Indicate the exact details about your branding and what approach you want to envision.

Choosing the right social media platform for user-generated content is quite easy but determining what kind of content you want your audience to post is very challenging. For example, videos are more likely to go viral on Facebook than on Instagram. Hence, create a video that would entice your audience to engage and would possibly go viral. Facebook allows users to upload videos up to 45 minutes long but it is not advisable to maximize its video length limit as audience prefers shorter and quick videos.


6 – Conduct a Challenge.

Afterall who doesn't want to be part of a competition with a prize at stake? competition encourages the audience to try your app. Giving away valuable freebies encourages your customers to do something in exchange for using your app. Contests are an amazing tactic to increase
engagements with fans. It leverages your audience urgency to persuade of joining to obtain that immediate fulfillment.
Make sure your competition is simple, make it easier, and give your customers something enjoyable to do.
Competitions are an excellent way to interact with the audience, and remember to ask all those who join to share the post! Or either way, you could incorporate the competition with your app and advertise it via social media platforms. All audience are required to download the app and sign up for the competition, and all you have to do is increase attention via your social media platforms.