Are you using social media to generate leads? are you doing more than posting a link or a quote and hoping that people will contact you? Here are the most advanced social media lead generation techniques for you to implement. Most of you might have heard about these methods but they are a little more complicated and strategic. It requires a little more work but worth the effort.

Most social media managers been trying to run a campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ) and haven't been getting a lot of clicks, traffic and leads. So here is the first tip where you would start evaluating your marketing strategy on where it's at now and how you can tweak it. Make sure you have a good message to market match. This is one of the first rules of direct response marketing. Do you have laser targeted audience and are you putting the right message in front of that audience that's congruent with what they're already interested in. Here is a good example of how some social media managers fail in their approach all the time. A lot of them are usually involved in health and wellness companies and what they want to do is they want to tell everybody health and wellness opportunity so they'll go on social media and they'll target people who are interested in health and wellness, for example, people who are inclined to Paleo diet or Crossfit because these are people who are really into being healthy and fit. The problem with trying to tell people who are interested in the Paleo diet about your health and wellness opportunity just because they're interested in being healthy does not also mean that they are interested in building a business so what would be a much better message to market match if your targeted audience was people interested in Paleo diet, a much better post that would get much better results would be something like “Hey would you like to know my top five favorite Paleo diet recipes that take almost no time to prepare, click here and head over to my blog and check it out for free”. That would be a much more targeted ad, people would be much more likely to click on it and engage with it.

This brings us to the second strategy which starts up with a question, are you warming your target audience up first before you ask any favors of them? if you're simply sending people over to a landing page and you're saying hey we don't know each other and you're ice cold traffic but why don't you give me your name and email address, what really are you asking them for? when you ask somebody for their name and email address, you are asking them for their most valuable resource which is their time. You can't just say hey I know we've never met but why don't you give me your most valuable asset which is your time which I know you can never recuperate. So if somebody said “Hey I am going to offer you ten dollars a day to run a social media marketing for the next 2 weeks. How would you spend that $10 a day? If you would ask me, I would spend $7 to send traffic to content, it may be a video or a blog. Redirect your targeted audience to a blog post or an article where you share with them information about Paleo diet (My top five Paleo diet recipes/How to prepare/ How to make it taste great) and then at the end of that article after you have given value and proven your content to your audience that you really know what you are talking about your niche and you have given them some helpful information and at the end your article, you would say “By the way, if you would like more information about this article or you can get a copy of my favorite 30 recipes, grab my complete Paleo diet cookbook totally free by going to and put your name and your email address, we will be happy to send it to you totally free, thanks for checking it out. Some people will come into the blog, read it and then will opt right away. What would you do with the other $3? you would use the remaining $3 to retarget the people who came to your blog post that showed an interest but didn't opt-in for whatever reason. You can ask them “Did you get busy? or did life get in the way, you should maybe check out this thing, you forgot to check it out the first time and Facebook loves this kind of targeting because not only is it targeted their interest they've already shown interest and been warmed up to you and your content and so you're going to have what is called a much higher relevancy score if you are doing Facebook advertising which means your cost for your advertising to acquire that lead is going to be drastically reduced. Provide some value and warm up your audience first before you ask them to give you something in return.

Do you have a good compelling headline? All marketing starts with a good headline and what is it in the grocery store line that makes you want to pick up a magazine that you see in those few seconds when you're walking past the magazine rack. It is the headline and you've got to know how to write a good headline in your ad get people to want to click on it, you got to know how to write a good ad and a good headline on your blog post to get people to want to read it, how to write a good headline on your lead landing page to make people want to opt-in. Your headline is the most important element when it comes to writing. It doesn't matter what kind of writing you are doing (copywriting, blogging, article writing) your headline has the power to either attract or lose your potential audience. Think about it this way, if your headline doesn't grab your readers attention and get them interested in reading more, the rest of your words may as well not exist because they won't be read. The world's greatest copywriters all know this and many have confessed to spending many sleepless nights trying to come up with irresistible headlines for it of a product or service that you were writing about.