In this era, business or more specifically entrepreneurs are counting on Social Media Platforms to reach their targeted audiences in order for the to sell their product or acquire their services as these platforms evolved into full-blown communication channels.

 Number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 3.02 billion monthly active social media users by 2021 via Statista

Social Media platforms have been getting a lot of attention for various consumers using it to identify or educating themselves to a certain product they are interested in. Companies must be able to monitor how their audiences use these platforms in order for them to seize their consumer's attention. In a nutshell, traditional marketing must incorporate the use of social media as trends evolve with it.

With the beginning of a brand new year, it’s time for you to figure out the emerging trends on social media What will influence social media users? Exactly what does this suggest for brand marketing? And just what will we need to understand to remain current and relevant in 2019? Listed here are the very best 10 social media trends of 2019

1.Reestablishing confidence in social media platforms.

Social media platforms keep growing yearly — actually, Facebook has far more increased to 2 billion active users every month. That is not quite an easy score though. Market trust in social media is on unstable ground.

Consumers are increasing more and more hesitant from the information they find on social media. And marketers might be adding towards the situation once they neglect to correctly label sponsored advertising posts or they bombard the platform with highly targeted ads that overwhelm users. These result to consumers losing the confidence of purchasing the brand and distrusting the platform.

Newer generations haven't much threshold for marketing which often comes off as deceitful. Brands will have to search for methods to build consumer trust. Which means concentrating on methods to authentically interact with audiences. Brands have to interact with their audiences on a significant level. Consumers are likely to be annoyed by being continually flooded with ads. A whole lot worse happens when you’re being marketed without realizing it.

2. People love to see and read stories and that is what Social Media is all about.

Social media’s recognition is rooted in a reality that it enables us to express our everyday life encounters with friends and families. People are able to share their thoughts and experiences and we get to witness people's lives through our news feeds. Video posts are surpassing the conventional written content and photos as it drastically gaining popularity.

Social Media has significantly changed throughout the years, constantly changing and adapting innovative methods for people to share their opinions and stories. Other Social Media platforms are taking on this approaches and it's transitioning the way the technology evolves.

This paves the way for brands to talk about more human narratives, that will inspire audiences to test their product. A brand must be able to come up with a creative approach to its consumers with a strategy that demands more visualization like videos, images, and graphics.

3. Develop a brand narrative.

Collectively focusing on realistic human interaction, businesses must be able to construct a perfect organized story pertaining to their brand. Testimonials from end users with regards to the product they have purchased are very critical with brands simply because it will affect the legitimacy and the quality of their business.

It will reflect on the brand's community as these narratives will be discussed all over and a chance to go viral through digital or social media. There will be a high probability that a brand will have a better success amongst other if it can create a much larger story.

Brand narratives must be powerful and compelling to audiences that will lead to conversions. A brand story should be inspiring and must stand out amongst competitors

4. Creativity and Quality will always be above quantity.

Oftentimes, other marketers tend to produce sub-par contents just to ride what's on trending. The marketability of brands has increased dramatically since the emergence of social media and has caught the attention of consumers worldwide. Customer service should still be practiced for marketers to gain the consumer's awareness of your product.

Brands must come up with a unique method to have an impact on targeted customers. It is not important to have less content but carefully constructed and well designed than having a long but uninteresting article.

5. A brand needs a Human Face.

Human interaction gives a perception of authenticity and sincerity from consumers. Startup businesses should use a real human face to represent or introduce the brand because of its one of the factors of building trust and loyalty to buyers. A human attribute gives a business a personal branding edge that will certainly connect with customers and help make the brand more engaging.

The best idea to promote the personal brand is through a popular endorser or a celebrity as it can influence their followers. This can be achieved through vlogging, podcasts, and webinars. Showing the public a close proximity view of the company's high profile influencer can enhance its brand reputation.

6. Getting an influencer with a massive following.

A popular social media entity is called an Influencer. They have established themselves as individuals that have a strong community that follows their recommendations or suggestions. People that are popular like influencers are considered to be a highly effective sales representative because people who follow these individuals on social media trust them.

4k Travel Filmmaking Self blogging with just using a mobile phone.
via: Lost Leblanc (Youtube)

7. Self Vlog and branding.

Selfies have already evolved into self-recorded videos and through this, people are more inclined to be entertained of videos compared to images. These videos are attracting a high number of users on social media. This type of video format allows users to express in a more complete manner than an image capturing a moment in real time. Selfie videos have high consumer impact and could connect to people compared to a written post with an image.

Videos are mostly watched by viewers on their smarphones.

According to research, viewers tend to spen more hours watching videos of people that they follow either on Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. It would be recommended for Brands to seek out for new techniques to incorporate first-person “selfie video” content in their online marketing strategy.

The new generation is considerably more cautious regarding their purchases and prefer a greater authentic practical knowledge concerning their brands.

8. Segregate your social audiences.

Businesses have different audiences and it would be wise for them to segment and organized these audiences into groups so they can modify and strategized different approached based upon the group preference. Timing is also be considered in targeting your segmented groups so that you will be able to identify your structured and organized technique to these specific groups.

So the more you know about your audience and the various groups that make up your audience, the better you can adjust your messaging and narratives to fit each segment.

9. Personalized Targeted Audiences.

Customers have begun to assume brands to adopt special deals and discounts for their preferences. To maintain expectations, companies have to amplify their game with regards to targeted advertising. Virtually every social media platform offers some degree of audience filtering whenever you opt for paid advertising. These options vary from simple most common targeting to advanced filters that fine-tune audiences into highly specialized segments.

In next season, brands will more and more use hyper-targeted personalization to get through to their audiences. This is usually accomplished through retargeting or revised marketing ads. Ever question why you’re seeing an advertisement in your timeline for something were previously searching? That’s hyper-targeted personalization operating.

Marketers obtain statistics from the user such as hobbies, interests, and location. They have acquired this data from cookies while you are browsing online.

10. Understand your platforms.

Companies should think about which social media platforms to pay attention to, as each platform is commonly utilized by different groups.

Brands which use multiple platforms should begin using these identifying attributes to determine where you can publish content as well as on which platforms to concentrate nearly all their marketing efforts.