Conversion is practically the ultimate goal of digital marketing. Gaining conversion is basically getting your return on investment, how much would you gain when you embark into digital marketing.

The good news is, we are now consistently getting more ideas on how we can be able to obtain more conversions. We are going to give you 10 key tips to optimize your conversion rate as you are going to give a shot at digital marketing.

1.) Research your chosen market and the type of business you are in. Don't dive in without testing the waters. Conduct a careful analysis and research strategies that have been applied by experienced marketers in the past. Execute different types of campaigns like photos, video content, email subjects, etc. Perhaps you should consider running some split testing to help you identify the effectiveness of your campaign. Along with consistency and persistence, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through your rigorous efforts.

2.) Take advantage of using Heat maps to let you identify the different behaviors of your visiting when they browse through your webpage. There are many variables that you should consider when analyzing the habits of your visitors. By doing this, you can be able to recognize the areas that you need to modify or improve. In what areas of your page do they usually stop and leave? These pieces of information are very vital and a good reference to improve your conversions.

3. Enhance your HTML or web forms, in this manner you can gather your visitors' information and study their preferences. Some use email registration pop-ups wherein users are required to fill out a form before they can browse your site.

This can be used for your email marketing campaign. The objective of this strategy is to acquire new customers by way of sending information about a product that they are interested in or encourages current customers to purchase a product promptly. The fields of your web form must be carefully structured and readable for users to be able to comprehend the data you want to obtain from them. Be sure to incorporate and HTML autocomplete on your web form. This will serve as a guide for them to easily fill out the forms faster.

4.) Make your “Contact Us” page more accessible so that user can easily get in touch with you for some queries and concerns. Make it more creative and unique so that they will leave positive recollections during their communication experience with you. Make sure that your availability to general users must be trouble free mainly because they have their own set of preferences in which most users want to you to be responsive as prompt as possible. Multiple options (phone, email, chat, text etc.), must be available to ensure users to reach you in any way they can.

5.) Always integrate Call To Action, it appeals to users for immediate feedback of what you want them to respond or answer. Images or video animations are now being integrated into the Call to Actions to look more enticing to users and would effectively improve your conversions.

6.) Build engagements through communities. This method enables you to gather opinions and concerns from your audiences. It is also a way to interact with your followers. Communities are considered to be an integral part of your success online. They are not just followers or prospective buyers but potential promoters as well. People in your community can spread awareness of your brand to their own respective networks.

7.) Social Media presence in all networks is an essential part of your online business strategy. According to statistics, there are 4.2 billion social media users and 3.39 billion of them are active. Each user has an average of 3-4 social media accounts. These allow marketers on how to target their users in social media platforms.

8.) Use Urgent Call to Action. Telling your customer that a particular product has a limited offer for a period of time tends to push them to purchase with a sense of urgency. Offer scarcity makes the customer feels that he might lose the product if they cannot purchase it before the deadline ends. Some buyers make their decisions on the spot depending on the product quality and scarcity. So don't let them wait too long to make their decision.

9.) Set up a blog to generate traffic. Content is still a strong and reliable source of traffic, users want to know valuable and relevant information about the product they are interested in. Content marketing can generate organic traffic when you do your homework well in SEO. It is all about storytelling, and that's what is attention goes to especially to those who tell good and interesting stories.

10.) Make your site available to all devices (tablets, smartphones, pc). Statistics reveal that most traffic is coming from mobile phones. Users can browse your site whenever or wherever they are. With the popularity and the demand for high tech mobile phones, access through the internet can be anywhere most especially for busy people who are always on the go. So be prepared for innovations and don't be left behind especially with your competitors. Always think of possible ways on how users can be able to access your business.

Timing will always be the key in marketing, whether it's online or selling physical products. But in this era, where internet is the reel way path to almost everything. Digital Marketing is already been widely used by companies and small enterprises. We hope these tips give you an idea of how you can increase your conversions in this competitive digital world. There are lots of strategies and methods out there, it is just how you implement it with the perfect timing.