Objective: To take photos and edit it with a FREE photo editing app just using your smartphone (iPhone or Android). People are wondering how do we get our photos so bright with colors and crisp in details while only using a smartphone and just look like it was taken from a professional camera.

Bringing a DSLR camera sometimes can be so difficult because of its size not to mention those huge telephoto lenses. The weight itself can be inconvenient, while you carry it around with you the whole time you travel.

So sit back and relax and we are going to share this easy step by step tips on how to take those Instagram worthy tips by only using an iPhone or Android smartphone and editing it with Snapseed.

1. Download this Free App called Snapseed in the Apps Store for iPhone users and Play Store for Android. Download Snapseed app (free from the iTunes App Store) to your iPhone.

2. Once installed, open snapseed and tap. Choose image to edit.

3. Click on the LOOKS options below the image and select any filters you prefer (Portrait, Smooth, Pop, Accentuate, Faded Glow, etc.)

4. If you want to manually edit your photos, click TOOLS>Tune Image Click “Tune Image”.

Touch and hold your finger to drag and show options. You can toggle and choose these editing options (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Highlights, Shadow, and Warmth)

5. Adjust brightness and Saturation to give a bright and colorful look of your photo. Brighten the picture.

When you use this option, just be sure to set it between 20-40. But it all depends on the lighting of the original file. You can decrease (slide your finger to the left) or increase (slide it to the right) the brightness of your image.

6. Work and play around with the contrast until you get that desirable look of your photo.

7. Adjust shadows based on your preferred size, color, and transparency. Shadows can darken or lighten the dark areas of your photos.

8. You can save all your edits once you're done. Tap on the bottom right to save all your adjustments.

9. Sharpen your photo and make it as realistic as possible.

Tap the right pencil icon on the bottom right access editing tools. Tap Again, to pull up scroll options, touch your picture and hold to drag. The best option should be between 40-80 as it tend to look like pixelated when you maximize the settings.

10. Tap SAVE and wait for Snapseed to buffer and save you new adjustments.

Snapseed is easy to use the tool and will only take you minutes to edit your photos. It has options to make it appear that it has been taken through a DSLR camera.